Monday, March 02, 2015

New Mossetti Retro Chassis Kit/RTR

HEI and RPM Race Cars is proud to Announce the release of this new 1/24 Retro Can Am Brass/Steel Chassis Kit

.040" Hardened Brass throughout. No soft "butter brass" here.
EDM cut parts. No machined, stamped parts. EDM parts are flatter, stress free and precision fitting every time.
Pinned Steel Guide Tongue with spacer. Pinned for precision fit and alignment. No need for a guide reinforcement. Less weight and less time building.

Available with 3/4" wide or 1' wide motor brackets in .040" thickness.

Kit includes: Nose, Guide Tongue, spacer, bat pans and rear motor bracket. 
Retail Price 60.00 each. RTR Chassis will be available for 145.00 ea retail.
Available only through HEI/RPM
Designed by Ernie Mossetti, Legendary Designer and Builder of 1/24 and 1/32 Euro Sport Chassis, 1/32 F1 Chassis, 1/24 Wing Car Chassis, 1/24 Production Chassis and 1/32 Homeset Cars and Chassis.

  • Total kit weight is 45.2 with regular Motor Bracket
  • Retail is $60.00 U.S.
  • Nose Piece- Vertical Uprights to mount axle are 2.08” Overall width apart. Adjustable axle position 14.5 grams
  • Pans (2) 22.2 grams
  • Guide tongue and spacer 3 grams
  • Motor Bracket Regular – Max overall width is .762” 3 grams
  • Motor Bracket Wide – Max overall width is 1.360” 4 grams
  • Weight insert under Rear Axle 2.5 grams
  • Guide Tongue is .035” Spring Steel Laser cut
  • Tongue and spacer “Pin” into Nose Piece with .032” Brass rod
  • Bearing/Bushing fit directly into Motor Bracket - .188” Size hole
  • Brass is Precision Formed in Fixtures
  • Motor Brackets allow Optional position (Oval hole) adjustment – Highest position is in line with Axle, lowest position is flush with chassis bottom - .050” Movement
  • Axle centerlines of Motor Brackets is .354” Above the deck (.710” Jig wheel) - .810” Tires gives .050” Clearance

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