Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Everyone is INVITED!!! The RETRO ALL STARS and INVITATIONAL Race is two groups of drivers.... ALL STARS and INVITATIONAL. Drivers on the All Star list race only in the All Stars group and drivers not on the All Stars list run in the Invitational group.

All Stars and Invitational Qualifying and Race Format:

All Drivers will qualify by "Laps and Sections". Each driver will run for one minute and their total laps and sections will be recorded and will be their official qualifying run.

Drivers will be seeded into the qualifying mains by their lap and sections totals. Invitational Drivers will run in their own group of drivers and the All Stars will run in their own group of drivers.

Example: if there is 40 drivers, the Top 8 lap and section totals will be in the A qualifying main, the next 8 in the B, next 8 in the C, next 8 in the D and the final 8 in the E.

The Qualifying mains will be ran 3 minutes on and 2 minutes off. After all qualifying mains have been run, the Top 8 Lap and Section totals will advance to the Main Event for each group of Invitational and All Star drivers.

Order of events Saturday April 11 Can Am-FK Sunday April 12 F1/Indy-FK
  • Qualifying for Invitational drivers followed by qualifying for All Star drivers
  • Race Invitational Qualifying Mains
  • Race All Star Qualifying Mains
  • Race Invitational Main Event
  • Race All Star Main Event
  • All Star Main Event Drivers will marshal Invitational Main Event and Invitational Main Event Drivers will Marshal the All Star Can Am Event.
  • Awards Presentations
This is a 2015 RETRO National Championship Series Points Event

Track Records/
Invitational Records:

F1 Bud Bartos 11.195
CA Bud Bartos 12.114

F1 Troy Johnson 283
CA Bud Bartos 286

All Star Records:

F1 Ron Hershman 12.032
CA Willy Custer 12.034

F1 Ron Hershman 285
CA Willy Custer 289

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