Friday, August 31, 2018

Friesner Wins First Annual NASRA Group 7 Title

August 26, 2018 was the date of the first ever North American Slot Racing Association (NASRA) Group 7 wing car national championship race sponsored by Stupidfast Thunder Rubber held at "Slotcars R Us" raceway in White House, TN.

Group 7 race winner Brad Friesner posted his impressions of the event on the NASRA Facebook page:

The 1st Annual NASRA Nationals is over and it was a great success!! The race had more entries than I have seen at a US slot race in many years - it was truly incredible! Thank you to William Skinner, Joseph Salzman, Boyt Johnson, Luiz Bernardino and James Sproviero for all the work you did to make the event run smoothly. Looking forward to next years...!!

A huge thanks to the host of the race, Tracy Brown and Slot Cars R Us, the Track. WOW! The facility, hospitality, and track was truly top notch! You put on a great show and I can't wait to come back in November!

Speaking of hospitality, the dinner (that I didn't remember was happening) that Richard Curnutte and Tracy hosted on Wednesday night was simply amazing - thank so much for your generosity!
I am very pleased with the results that I achieved at this race and it would not have been possible without the help and support of the following people:

Lee Roberts of CRP for the perfect balancing!! Thanks for taking care of me dude - you are the best!
William Skinner of Stupidfast for the absolute best tires and rubber - also providing great support with anything that I need. I truly appreciate everything you do for me!
Stuart Koford for continued support and access to the best slotcar parts. As Chubby said, we wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for you!
Jim Hahn for the amazing Speed Spurs! You do perfect work and they have made me faster - thanks! I will be sending more soon...
Thanks to my great friend James Stevens for the motivation and innovation! You are a crazy thinker (what box?) and our discussions (and your success) have allowed me to continue to get faster because of your ideas. Thanks for helping me in both races with braid cleaning - I can see that this will be ending soon (which is awesome) because we will be racing against each other in the near future!!
Thanks to Rob Garland and Merrell Todd for your help in both races and getting me to and from the track when Melissa was resting in preparation for shopping! Rob, thanks for "gluing" the track for me (I think that is called un-gluing the track) but you had me dialed in! I'm sorry you got taken out in the semi!
Last but not least, my amazing Wife Melissa! The many weeks leading up to the Nats, spent in the basement, winging bodies, only seeing me for 20 minutes at dinner! Coming down to visit me on occasion, just so you could confirm how much shopping money you would be getting from all my work :) . Thank you for the support, I love you, you are the best!!!

Sincerely, Brad Friesner

After the event, it was announced that Port Jefferson Raceway was chosen to host the 2019 NASRA National Championship Races. When the schedule is announced, we will publish it here.

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