Friday, August 10, 2018

AWRA Tech Tips

Parts Update: Here's what the AWRA Racers are running as of 8/10/2018
Despite the trend towards the Riggen 5003, the Parma steel and brass chassis remain the most used chassis. Here is how they stand. 
1. Parma steel
2. Parma brass
3. Champion Thumper
4. Riggen 5003
5. LVJ Charger steel
6. LVJ Charger brass
7. K&G Brute
The R-GEO Raven and the Mid America Stomp are both recently legal and have not yet been used. 
1. JK Mini Brute
2. JK Hawk 7
3. JK Hawk 25 *
4. Parma 501 Deathstar
5. Kelly Bullet
6. ProSlot 4000
7. ProSlot 4001
8. JK Retro Hawk
9. H&R Crusher
* The JK Hawk 25 has never been used in an AWRA event, but it is a popular motor in weekly series racing. 
1. Parma Kremer Porsche
2. Caveman Late Model Wedge
3. Champion 37 Chevy Coupe
4. Parma 33 Ford Coupe
5. Caveman Thunderbird
6. Caveman Lumina
7. Parma 37 Ford Coupe
8. Caveman Kramer
9. Caveman Monte Carlo
The most popular setup was the 9/30 pinion crown combo, but that has been overtaken by the 9/28 combination. Gearing runs the gamut, but the best starting spot for most any track is the 9/28 with a steel pinion and a quality crown.

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