Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spirit SxXx/LeMans motor testing

Rob's updated the motor list with Spirit SxXx and LeMans motor tests. Here are his results:

I happened upon a Spirit SxXx long can in my mailbox, and immediately proceeded to the test lab (basement).

This is a long can FK-180, with open slots, which resembles a Slot.It Boxer 2. The performance turned out to be nearly the same:

RPM at no load, 12v, after a few minutes of warm up: 20,745 RPM. Factory spec is 20,640 RPM/12v, 25,380 RM/14.8v, 57g mag downforce. Motor is revving very close to spec.

Torque at 12v, based on three times the average of nine 4v readings around one rev of the armature, measured against a scale with a torque arm and push rod: 329 gcm.

Power output wattage computes to 17.1W at 12v. This is one powerful motor. The test sample was not balanced, and felt a little buzzy in my hand (but not bad). I would call it typical quality for a slot car motor.

I was then blessed with a Spirit Le Mans motor, out of Dave's new BMW 635. Another long can, FK-180 type.

Rating on the Le Mans wrapper is 24,000 RPM at 14.8v, which would convert to 19,459 RPM at 12v. At one point, Spirit released these specs:
20,100 RPM/12v, 23,500 RPM/14.8v, 39g mag downforce.

I believe Spirit considers the LeMans to be a milder motor than their earlier long cans.

In any case, the rating of 39g magnetic downforce cannot be, as it is a solid, closed can, with approximately zero downforce on a Magnet Marshal.

The tach showed 20,926 RPM/12v running no-load. Just a little faster than spec.

The torque tester showed 280 gcm at 12v. A little bit lighter torque than the SxXx, but not much. This motor is still a powerhouse, pumping out 14.6 watts.

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