Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Slot It parts... tons of them.

Many, many new Slot It parts.

CS10t-60, McLaren F1 GTR chassis EVO 6 (ver.2)

CS12t-60, Audi R8C Reloaded chassis EVO 6 (ver.2)

CS14t-60, Nissan R390 GT1 chassis EVO 6 (ver.2)

CH60, Anglewinder 0,5mm Offset Motor Mount EVO 6
Please refer to the technical description.

CS15il, Mazda 787B Lexan cockpit

MN09c, Flat6-20k close can – Front shaft length: 7,3mm
The standard Flat6 now comes in closed can format, to avoid magnetic
traction as much as possible. We have listened to popular request from
racers. This is the motor used in the Spanish series.

PA43-Pl, Plastic Ø16,5x8 light wheels, dark gray (4x), 0.76g
The plastic wheels are known for being perfectly round. These
wheels, 16.5 mm in diameter, are no exception with a concentric
better than 0.05mm.

PA47, Set of spacers for hubs and bushings 0,1/0,25mm
PA47 provides 34 spacers and two spacing tools in one single set. The
spacers come in two different thickness: 0.10 and 0.25mm. A marking on
the set indicates the thickness of the parts.
The 'large' spacers match the dimension of the hubs, while the
'small' spacers are designed to match the side wall of the's
spherical bushing.
The bone shaped tool is a measuring device (for 0.10mm and 0.25mm of
space) enabling the users to leave the correct amount of play while
assembling the axles.

PT29, F22 compound, slick F1, 20x12 tires (4x) for PA20
The F22 compound is a favorite among racers. Now available in F1 size,
a perfect match for's F1 rims.

CH46, Ferrari F40 updated cockpit
For all F40 with 1st generation cockpit.

CH55, Medium springs for CH47 (8x)
The EVO6 motor mount and the spring suspensions are a perfect couple -
CH55a are the springs which are already mounted in the CH47 spring
suspension kit. CH55b is the stiffer version.
Note that there is an error in the code: CH55 is CH55B. So:
CH55a, Soft springs for CH47 (8x)

CH55b, Medium springs for CH47 (8x)

CH56, Spherical bushings (6x)
New code which will replace the CH14 (2x spherical bushing). Packing
more bushings we have reduced the price and saved a lot of packaging.

MN11h-1, Flat6 R-22k open can – Front shaft length: 7,3mm
This is the shorter shaft length of the MN11h motor. Why did we reduce
the shaft length? Because when used in inline fashion (to replace for
example a Boxer motor), the long shaft would interfere with the bottom
of the crown's slot. The shorter shaft motor, which will become the only
available length, can be used in angled and inline motor mounts.

PT30, F15 compound, slick, 20x11,4 tires (4x) for GT
PT31, F22 compound, slick, 20x11,4 tires (4x) for GT
New, larger version of the F15 and F22 compound tyres.

CH51, Metric screw 2,2x8mm, brass, small head (10x)
CH52, Metric screw 2,2x8mm, brass, big head (10x)
CH53, Metric screw 2,2x5,3mm, brass, small head (10x)
CH54, Metric screw 2,2x5,3mm, brass, big head (10x)
These metric screws come with different head size and length, to
perfectly tune the amount of plat between body, chassis and motor mount.

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