Monday, December 18, 2006

Bruce's "Evil Evo"

First off, this late arrival is my pick for Slot Car of the Year

Having liked the race Capri's speed and handling, I couldn't resist this "test car" like flat black finish dressed in Martini decor...shame the rear wing is glossy...definitely has an odd tactile feel when you pick it up. The finish and printing is flawless, of course no clearcoat to seal the finish so it'll be interesting to see how well it stands up over time.

The big surprise came with taking the very lightweight body off - I expected the regular chassis, but instead was greeted with the same tripod/wishbone spung motor pod that is used in the 911 Rallye version. From a technical standpoint it one ups the NSR design by including the springs and makes the once innovative Slot.It design look antiquated in that respect. The spring rate is easily adjusted though the factory setting seems to feel ideal.

Another surprise was the switch from a brass to a nylon pinion...this should take care of the problem of the stripped crown that some have reported happening with other race versions. Don't know if they re-did the crown's collar, but the gear mesh is quite smooth and has the minimal amount of side play I've ever seen in an RTR so no need for any spacers to get it set right.

The wheels are the same press on stronium/strontium ceramic like material that are found on the latest Fly Capri and Porsche...though set screw would be nice, they are quite true with no flashing. The tires are the D-Type of some rubber compound and are presented slightly cupped, but easily sanded right. Their grip on Artin is great and from what I've read, quite good on some wood surfaces.

The front assembly is a slightly floating affair for the axle...the up & down doesn't come in contact with the body. Staying up front, the guide is quite secure with no play in its holder and has a commendable rotation of at least 75 degrees off of center.

Though it hasn't turned a wheel on my track as of yet (expansion awaiting sections) - I have found that this boxer/in-line arrangement has proven to make for a quite flingable/forgiving car in the corners - the Fly Capri and my HRS chassied Morgan Aero both exhibit this characteristic and I'm hoping this will make it three for three.

All I can say in conclusion is that Fly has definitely made a contender for the LMP battleground presently filled with Slot.Its, Spirit's, NSR's, and ScaleAuto's...have a feeling their mirrors are going to be quickly filled with this stealthy beauty.

Having Fun - Da Vols
The review was written by Bruce "DaVols" thanks to him for allowing reuse of it here.

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