Monday, December 04, 2006

GPR-drivers practice laps

There was some racing today at ENYR in preparation for the first race of the Global Proxy Race 2006 season. Mike and Wayne did some laps around the track with Rob as I took some photos. Most of the cars have arrived now, but there are still a few entrants who've not yet gotten their cars to the track.

Above photo:Global Proxy Race Technical Director and Scrutineer Rob Livingston on the left and Race Across America Tech Inspector 2007 Mike Chiocchio aka Smokeio on the right do some racing.

Above photo:Smokeio shows us how it's done.

Above photo:Wayne Sokolosky aka WPSoko1 was racing on a challenging lane and was turning very quick laps.


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Anonymous said...

Great pix of the GPR inaugural, thanks Dave! Looks like everyone is having fun, just what we want to see.