Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Change in publishing notice

After the new year starts Slot Car News will not publish daily but rather as news becomes available. This may end up being 3 days a week.

I update the site with news from not only slot cars but Formula 1 Honda, Renault, BMW and Red Bull Racing. Also news from A1GP, the American LeMans Series, the Grand Am Series, Super GT Series, the WTCC and other series and teams. I trying to add more news from real racing to offer readers news from real racing as well as slot car racing. As the racing season starts back up I will post often with real racing news as it becomes available.

On Dec. 27 there will be updated news from the Global Proxy Race throughout the day, as I can post it. Photos will be taken as well and updated also during the day...look for extensive coverage.

I'd also like to encourage clubs and individuals to send video of their own tracks or races they have. I can host any video that's sent to me on my space so that doesn't take away any band width from anyone's own server space.

I'm trying to not dilute what I publish by "publishing just to publish". And by allowing a day or two more to put a more comprehensive review or news item together only improves what you will see here.

Rest assured that if I get news I WILL POST IT whether I've already published something that day or not. I like to keep the flow of news as fast as possible to make this a destination for readers to be able to see what's coming out next week or months from now.

happy holidays
Dave Kennedy
Publisher, Slot Car News

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