Saturday, December 16, 2006

Weekend round up

Carrera news to report. Carrera USA is having a shipment of new Porsche 935/78's air shipped in for pre-Christmas sales! This is great news for Porsche fans (myself included) since all three Moby Dick Porsche's will be available next week in the US Market.

Also the 1/32 Carrera Hot Rod's are now in production for release in January.


Carrera News of a different sort. is now selling plain white Carrera bodies, a very cool thing for all the kitbashers out there!

A big thanks to Bruce from Cincyslots for use of their images!
SCX have launched their second country-specific website in as many weeks with the introduction of Interesting that they've decided to have special sites for many markets.

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Super2nr said...

Hey Dave...have you got a 935 yet?
I got mine today and i swear its the same scale as the Jager and 911 RSR.....I thought I read somewhere..I think it was the German toy fair that this would be to scale...seems more like 1/30..1/28th...what you think??