Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Slot It HRS2 chassis photos

Didja look at the Slot.It site recently? There are a pair of photos of the HRS2 chassis there...but I've borrowed them to show here.A really interesting design, especially the new adjustment for the front axle.

***EDIT***Maurizio has just added a thread to SCI with TONS of info about the new chassis!!!! Check it out at this link!


email me at Jeremycobert@gmail.com said...

also the side to side adjustments look like they will not need to be glued to the body the way the old one did.

i may be wrong but it looks like the sides move out or in and possibly clip onto the car body.

Robert Livingston said...

The side brackets can be glued, screwed, or pinned to the lower edge of the body.