Monday, November 26, 2007

Spirit Courage video...yes video!

This might be the first "official slot car" video I've seen on YouTube...and it's produced by the guys at Spirit!

And in case that wasn't enough, how about some technical data directly from Spirit?

Courage C65, most important technical data & innovations.
-Motor xXx
-Adjustable suspension system in 3 points (1 front, 2 sides)
-New subchassis – chassis system
-Calibrated axles
-Adjustable front axle
-New crown, injected in dark grey fiber, with a better gearing with pinion.
-Light lexan detailed cockpit
-Body weight: 14’8 grs.

BTW, I've heard from REH and Kimrey Enterprises that the Courage should be here today!

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Unknown said...

i am thinking of buying one but does it have enough weight to stay on the track and will it be better than a mosler lightening. also will it work straight from the box