Monday, November 05, 2007

SCX Rally Chrono Pack

The SCX Rally Chrono Pack (Ref.# 88630) was something that I've had my eye on for some time now. I'm not a huge rally fan, but since I'm a solo racer most of the time, the return loops and timing system gave me a way of getting a maximum amount of racing distance with a minimum amount of track.
The pack comes with the starting box, a feeder track section, a one lane straight section to get from the starting box to the feeder section and 10 single lane curved sections to make a pair of return loops. So add in a few sections of track, one controller, and a power supply and you're ready to roll.

First a confession of sorts, this is my first experience with SCX track so I must say I was impressed how easily the track fit together and stayed together. If you're an SCX fan who has an SCX track already than you know it's nice track already. But I've recently changed from *cough*another brand*cough* so it's always a bit of an adjustment when you change surfaces. But I'm pleased.

OK, enough digression, back to the Chrono Pack...

I was attracted to this expansion set because I usually race alone and more importantly, having return loops at each end of a track that's one section wide allows for a fairly long track that takes up very little space. My track is set up along one wall.
Hold the MODE button for 3 seconds, then push SELECT to choose the number of laps to race.

The starter box feels nice and solidly made. You can add the vertical checker flag panels with the "Start" and "SCX" banners or you can leave them off if you choose to. I like them and they add a nice bit of realism.

The starting box has 3 connections on the back. One plug for the track timing, one plug for the controller, and one plug for the power supply. After the track is together and the starting box is hooked up you're ready to race. Setting the timer on the starting box is simple. Press the MODE button down for 3 seconds until the three bars on the starting box flash. They press the SELECT button and you can set the number of laps to one of five settings to determine the number of laps you want to race. 1, 5, 10, 15, or 20 laps. Then you're ready to race.

The 4 lights on the front of the starting box will count down and then, and only then, will the power come on. There's no false starts with this system, which is a nice touch. You can't jump the gun and start early. Once the last light (and beep) goes off you're racing. The box counts the lap time, average lap and fastest lap for the race. It's a simple set up but it's effective and accurate. I've done lots of laps since the box arrived from SCX the other day and it's great to use.


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