Sunday, July 30, 2006

1/43 Proxy Race-UPDATE!!!

Thanks to A.C.King for emailing me an update on their 1/43 proxy race.

"We have raced 2 events, with 4 remaining. The points leader has only a 2 point advantage over second place. The series standings can be found on our website here: "

It sure sounds like these guys are having quite a series. I love proxy racing in all its forms and scales and it's cool to get the word out about what's going on no matter what the scale. Thanks for the update!

EDIT-A photo of the field, provided by A.C.King.

Publisher, Slot Car News


Buzz09 said...

Thanks for the props, Dave! The series is a blast to run. Its the first time we've done an entire proxy series. Keep up the great work here at Slot Car News. This is a must read for anybody interested in slots!

Thanks again,
AC Smith (Buzz09)

DaveKennedy said...

Right on! I'm really happy to have all scales of slot car news here, especially proxy racing news! You guys have a cool series and a bunch of really devoted racers too.

AC, enjoy the series and thanks for stopping by.