Friday, July 14, 2006

Share with the class!

Do you have a slot car you just can't get to work no matter what you do? The Fly 911 is mine.

As I contemplate this purchase:

(thanks to MRE.CO.UK for use of their image)

I wonder whether I'll ever be able to get these cars to work the way I'd like. I love 911's, and the Fly 911 especially. But how many of these cars to I need to get before I actually get them to work?

I have 4 bodies already and I'm really making a push to get at least 1 of these to work. I'm thinking of entering 1 in the GPR.

I've tried moving the motor ahead of the front axle, where it should be and adding tons of weight:

But still the car doesn't work quite the way it should. If I didn't love this body so much I'd give up and sell 'em all.

So, do you have a slot car you just can't get to work, no matter what you try? Email me pix, and a description of your struggle and I'll post them we can all laugh at you! Or is it cry?



PeteN95 said...

I love these too, Dave, but mine work great? And I really haven't done much to them, just add about 6gms of lead split to each side of the guide up front, like one of yours. I have two rally versions, a 911T and a Carrera, but they are both stock except for the lead and Sillicone tires on the T.

The Carrera's tires grip very well, similar to the BMW M1 I have. I am running non mag, by the way. My track has a peak in the back straight and they will wheelie out of the slot if I get a really good run at it, but so do many other non mag cars with more conventional layouts. I really like the way these cars handle with the rear weight bias, very similar to what I imagine a real 911 is like. They slide very predictably, OK, maybe not that much like a real 911! ;)

I will admit to one car I couldn't get to work and it's a Fly also. The BMW M3 GTR with the front mounted race motor. This was also a non mag attempt, but no matter how much lead or where I put it, the thing was virtually undrivable! You can see pictures of it now on the RAA site, because I installed an HRS chassis and made it my GT entry, the "Fly it" BMW!

BTW, keep up the great work, love your site!

Robert Livingston said...

Has anybody made a winner out of a Fly Porsche 917K? I haven't!

SJSlots said...

I'm with Peten95 that I've been pretty lucky with the 911/934 cars as well. My first, the Follmer TA Champion 934 was a winner right out of the box as were #10 911, Jager 934 and the pink 81 LeMans 934. Only had serious issues with the blue Bosch 934 as for some odd reason the posts off of the chassis were shorter than its cousins making the body sit too low in front and it stopped the front tires from spinning. Easy fix by gluing plastic 3/32 axle spacers on top of the posts then putting the body back on. Also had problems with the back of the front wheels rubbing the chassis but it was another easy fix.

For Robert; while I don't keep a large number of classics in my rotation I do have one 917K that has become a joy to drive. Solid front axle, lead and a pair or Ortmanns turned a decent but just 'ok' car in to one I really enjoy. Seen so many laps it has enough chips in the paint to pass for 1:1 endurance race finisher.