Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fly News!!!!!

Well the day has come... pix of the Fly Ferrari 250GTO have been released. This ad comes courtesty of and thanks to them for allowing reuse of this shot!

I do have some reservations about the design though (yeah here we go). The tail wing shouldn't extend out to the edges of the body as it does. Shots I've seen of the real car didn't have the fin extended out as far as this body does. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I'll get this car, but I'm always looking for the designs to be correct.

And I've just gotten pix from of the new Fly Racing 911!!! And as always a huge thanks for MRE for the images.

This car should be a killer! Inline motor pod, the motor is as low as it should be...AND IN FRONT OF THE REAR AXLE!!!!! Sorry lost it there for a minute. I'll take the yellow one please. Ok, now I'll shut up about 911's...for at least 10 minutes... it 10 minutes yet?

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SJSlots said...

Why is it that the wheels on FLY Racing cars always seem so.... not pretty?

BiBi Cambridge said...

So, did you say that MGs are better than 911s?


BiBi x

Robert Livingston said...

Not ALL the '62 cars had narrow spoilers. One of the LeMans car is '62 did have what was evidently the first of the full width spoilers. But it was not faired in smoothly, as I believe the Fly model is; it was a separate add-on piece.

The rear tires do look too fat for a '62-'63 car, and are not correct for the paint (er, livery). Agreed that the wires look a little heavy, too. I would not confuse them with the real thing.

But it is still quite a good model; I just hope it is in 1/32, not 1/30.

DaveKennedy said...

BiBi, thanks for looking in...

The tires do look a bit large on the Ferrari, but I'll reserve judgement (a first for me I know) until I actually see the car.

And I do agree, Shawn, about the Fly Racing wheels. For a company sooooo consumed with how their cars look, to the point of exaggerating the design, to fall so flat when it comes to the "look" of the "Racing" cars, is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

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