Monday, July 31, 2006

Slot It Chassis Surprise!!!!

BREAKING NEWS-seen first here on SCNews BTW...

Maurizio gave us a hint of a surprise a while ago but I sure wasn't expecting this:

And if you look closely the Ferrari appears to have been raced quite a bit already.

The new Ferrari and McLaren will come with the 21.5k motor inline but will be compatible with the anglewinder.

"Starting from the upcoming Nissan SICA05C R390 Clarion, the Nissan
chassis will change, mantaining compatibility with all the existing
motor mounts, to make space for a new motor mount: the
anglewinder. This new motor mount, available early in September and
patent pending, can be used with any motor like the boxer, or

Thanks to Maurizio from Slot.It for the good news about these new products.



SJSlots said...

Check out the front tires on the Ferrari.... odd.

Not sure how I feel about the anglewinder Slot Its. I love my anglewinder NINCO's, and I'm sure the Slot It types will be good too, but for magnet racers the pod shown takes away the rearward most magnet pocket. The bottom of the Ferrari shows the space for the angled motor, and a magnet location directly under the axle, but the anglewinder motor pod has a new center axle carrier that looks like will not allow space for a magnet. That will not allow for the maximum downforce speed crazed magnet racers like.... Hmmmm

DaveKennedy said...

This is a very intriguing development indeed. I've never really done much with anglewinders myself.

The Ferrari might just be a "test mule" so who knows about the final design of the production 312PB.

Terry Noe said...

I knew it! Good thing I got my Clarion Nissan on preorder.

Now about that Fly Racing 911.....hmmmm.

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