Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ninco World Cup Super GT

Do you think you've got what it takes to race with the worlds best? Then Ninco has the race for you.

MRC is excited to provide the following information about the world's greatest Slot Car event of 2006, and the largest sponsored slot car events in the USA.

The NINCO World Cup Super GT 2006 Event will take place in Verona, Italy December 2-3, 2006. There's nothing else that come close to this annual Slot Car event. It will also be one of the most important activities of this years Model Expo Italy (Verona). MRC will hold a USA World Cup Super GT Event in Atlanta, Georgia to select racers to compete for the USA in this international event.

Also, MRC is sponsoring regional NINCO races around the USA. This document provides initial information and contacts for these races.

What is the NINCO World Cup Super GT Event?

The NINCO WORLD CUP SUPER GT is an international championship organized by NINCO, one of the largest worldwide slot hobbyist manufacturers. Teams from all over the world race with the most popular 1/32 NINCO slot cars in order to select the 16 best drivers who will compete at the grand final in Verona, Italy, December 2-3 to win the championship.

USA World Cup GT Event: We will have our USA team qualifier on Sunday, October 29, 2006 at the world's largest permanent slot car track, the 457 foot, six lane NINCO track: JD Model Raceway in Atlanta, Georgia, (678-847-0110) to select two team members who will go to Italy to represent the USA. We look forward to having racers coming to JD Model Raceway who feel they can race at a world level with other 1/32 slot racers.

The race will be an endurance race. The cars to be raced can only be the NINCO Honda NSX's, Toyota Supra's, Nissan 350Z's, or Renault Megane Trophy cars with NC-6 motor, NINCO Shore A25 rear tires and no magnet! Racers can bring their own cars, or purchase cars and accessories at the track. Only NINCO components (standard or ProRace) can be used. Cars will be inspected and motors and tires will be issued by draw at trackside. Considering the level of competition and reason for the race, a nominal entry fee will be charged. The racing and car rules are strict and will be adhered to.

Each of two winners will accompany MRC's "NINCO Bob" (aka NINCO1) to make up the three person USA team. (Winners must be over 18 and be able to travel to Italy for the World Cup Event). I will be at JD Raceway for the USA Event. The First Place winner receives a Trophy, Free airfare to Italy, 2 nights stay in a hotel and $200 to offset expenses. The Second Place winner receives a Trophy, Free airfare to Italy, 2 nights stay in a hotel and $100 to offset expenses.

Regional NINCO races: MRC will sponsor USA regional races, and use the NINCO World Cup Super GT 2006 regulations as a way of promoting NINCO racing and racing products. The individual racetrack owner will promote his/her regional event. The race should be run during August, September, October or November on a day that will maximize local and regional participation. MRC must be notified of the planned date. Pictures and race results must be forwarded to MRC within the week following the race.

The cars to be raced can only be the NINCO Honda NSX's, Toyota Supra's, Nissan 350Z's, or Renault Megane Trophy cars. Considering the prize money, an endurance race will be run. A nominal entry fee can be charged to offset racetrack expenses, and MRC will provide the track with additional financial support. Similar racing rules as in the World Cup event will be followed.

MRC will provide a trophy, $100 first prize and $50 second place prize. The regional races are not connected to the USA Team Qualifier in Atlanta. While promoting their individual regional races, track owners will also promote the USA Team Selection Race in Atlanta.

Regional races will be held at the following locations:

132 Slot Car Raceway (formally, Port Angeles Slot Car Raceway), Tacoma, Washington 360-452-7264

Al's Hobby Shop, Elmhurst, Illinois, 630-832-4908

Fast Lane Hobbies, Loveland, Ohio, 513-248-2345

Grand Prix Model Raceway, Schenectady, New York, 518-357-2596

JD Model Raceway, Atlanta, Georgia, 678-847-0110

Mr. Model Car, Santa Monica California, 310-393-3735

Scale Auto Racing, Houston, Texas, 281-807-4026

MRC will hold the Qualifier Races for USA team selection, October 29, 2006 on the World’s Largest, permanent Slot Car racetrack, the 457 ft., six-lane NINCO circuit, at JD Model Raceways, located in the Discover Mills Mall, in Atlanta, Ga.* (678)-847-0110

To read more please visit Slot Car Illustrated's thread on this great event.
And thanks to Alan at SCI for allowing reuse of images and info!


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