Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Carrera 1/24 Rod comparisons

Carrera 1/24 Rods compare favorably with Monogram 1/24 rods, with scale overall proportions. Above, the blue Carrera '34 is posed beside a red Monogram '34 Ford.

The '41 Rod is wider than the Monogram '39 Ford, but these rods, in real life, can be widened to accept modern platforms and running gear. I think the Carrera '41 is a Buick.

The Blue '34 has some mighty big rear tires! In hot rod jargon, the red '34 Ford is a "highboy", while the blue '34 is channeled (body lowered over the chassis). Both are classic hot rod styles.

Carrera chose a chopped top for the flamed '41 Rod, while the Monogram '39 Chevy has a stock height body and roof, as typified "jalopy" stock car racers of the 1950's and early 1960's. Carrera adheres to scale wheelbase for both '41 and '34 Rods.

Massive rear tires create the look and style for the Carrera '34 Rod. Parked right behind is a 1/24 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, posed here to show relative tire sizes. The Land Cruiser wears off-road, 31" diameter tires, dwarfed by the 34" diameter rubber on the '34. Rims on the Rod scale to 21"; try buying those at the bling rim and tire store.

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