Monday, February 05, 2007

Slot Car sale

Well sadly this is not good news to report, Slot Car Heroes is going out of business, and they're having a sale...a huge sale! I've gotten permission from the owner, Tim, to publish the news of the sale here.

First there are many, many more things that I've listed here. He's got a huge bunch of Carrera track for sale, parts, models...tons of things for sale.

His F1 chassis is on sale for only $20.00!

And these gears are some of the finest gears you can buy. The sidewinder spur gear is really fantastic. It's quiet, well molded and slim...a great gear to press on to those 3/32 axles in a tight space that a gear with a set screw just won't work with. And pinions are available for 2 sizes of motor shaft, both are press on's. One that works with standard diameter motor shafts (2mm) and a for the F1 type motor shaft (1.5mm). A package includes 4 of each of these is only $3.00! Rob Livingston, contributor to Slot Car News, is using these gears on his current Global Proxy Race they're nice. For only $3.00 for 4 you can't go wrong!

Contact Tim Johnson at or go to the website.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad about Tim quitting. He's only 20 miles from me. Nice stuff there also