Friday, February 23, 2007

Jel Claws tires

Jel Claws are soft tires which provide a wide variety of shapes and sizes for many cars. The tires are nicely molded, very true, and grip well on many surfaces. We have found they stick better and better the more you run them, as the tires seem to soften as they heat up, due to sliding friction. For certain cars, they may be superior to other brands. Experimentation will show which tires work optimally on which cars.

Jel Claws for "Aston Martin DBR1" are a good fit on Scalextric Classic F1 wheels, providing the correct size, and better traction than the original tires. These Jel Claws are a valuable addition to the range of tire options for vintage slot car racers.

Jel Claws for "Early Revell" scale a huge 31" in diameter, which explains the perplexed look on face of the vintage Revell driver. Actual Revell tires are on the front, and Ortmann repro Monogram on the rear; these are the correct sizes for this car. These Jel Claws fit center-rib wheels, not found on early Revell slot cars, which used a drop-center rim.

Jel Claws "Ninco Classics" (on the right), softer than Ninco tires (on the left), and a slightly lower side wall. A great fit on the Ninco Classics rim.

A rebuilt Scalextric Ferrari 330 P4 with scale sized Slot.It 15x8mm wheels on the rear, MMK on the front. Jel Claws tires for "Fly GT40 and Ferrari 365" fit perfectly, just a little tighter than the MRRC Chaparral tires shown in the picture below. Note the realistic curve to the sidewall. On the front, Jel Claws for Ninco Classics on the MMK narrow rims. Again, note the rounded sidewall.

Jel Claws for "MRRC Chaparral, Cobra, Slot.It & BWA Wheels" do indeed fit Slot.It 15x8mm rims, a standard size for late 1960's through current-era race cars. Here a tire mechanic smiles on the good fit of these Jel Claws mounted on a Slot.It Sauber Mercedes rim.

Jel Claws tires can be sanded for perfect trueness and optimal profile, with light pressure and a medium grit paper.

Jel Claws are currently available from the e-bay store, at
this link.


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George said...

I just received three sets of Jel Claws for my Slot-It Nissan R390 GT1. I found that the dimensions were not optimal for the stock hub of the car, but the tires seem to slip on well.

However, while I was running in the motor (no body, back end of the chassis lifted off the track the tires came off the hubs!!!

Perhaps the tire compound is so soft that the centrifugal forces generated by the Slot-It V12/3 25,000 (yello endbell) motor with a 13:34 gear ratio proved to be too much. I don't know what to do here. Perhaps glue them on the hub?

This morning I was running my new Slot-It Alfa Romeo 33/3 (all stock) and decided to try a set of Jel Claws on that car. With the stock magnet in the very back the tires make a difference like night and day! Hardly and breakout of the back in fast tight turns.

So, the tires are great, but the sizing is something I wish the manufacturer would review a bit.