Monday, February 12, 2007

Fly Racing Ford Capri RS Turbo

One of the many advantages of being in a slotcar club or hosting a proxy race is being exposed to many different types of slotcars available. This was the case when I hosted the 2nd race of the Global Proxy Race. Up until then, I had several's, two Fly Classics and didn't really think I would buy many more cars. That was before I drove the Fly Racing Capri. All I can say is WOW! I had to have one.

Before the first run with the Capri, I ran the motor for one hour on six volts. Afterwards I lubed the axle bushings and crown/pinion. The red lane on my track is the smoothest and fastest so that is where all the laps were run. With the type D racing tires on back, my Capri mananged a 12.131 second fast lap time. It was very difficult to drive because the rear of the car appeared to be floating. Actually the floating was caused by the rear tires not getting traction. Ortmans tend to always make a car very predictable and fast. The Capri was fitted with a set of Ortmans and the car responded nicely. Fast lap time dropped way down to 11.029 seconds. Unbelievable! The car is very easy to drive fast and its so nice and smooth on the track. Now that the Capri is getting traction, the motor started to pop out of the chassis. Goop solved that problem and testing resumed with PPR's. PPR Super Tires are on the back of all the fastest cars that race here. I just received several sets and decided to see just how fast this Capri can go. PPR's brought the fast lap times down even further to 10.846 seconds. The car isn't so driver friendly and predictable anymore. The Capri lacked the smoothness in the curves which made it difficult to drive with out deslotting. Almost like it needs lead weight added to take advantage of the extra grip from the PPR's.
All in all, I'm very happy with this car and look forward to racing it in competition.

Testing Information:
Race voltage - 10volts
Body screws loosened 1 turn out
93.33' lane length
Flat latex enamel painted mdf track with 7/32" copper tape
Professor Motor 2048 controller

Car Specifications:
FLY racing EVO 2
22,000 rpm/14.8volts

30% lighter ABS plastic body with lexan interior

10t pinion and 27t blue crown

FLY racing chassis

Wheels and Tires
Aluminum wheels and racing D type tires
Calibrated 2.5mm steel axles

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