Monday, February 12, 2007

SCX Pro Audi-detailed pix

Here is a close up shot of the new aluminum wheels and nicely done inserts.

Now some photos of the SCX Pro Audi chassis. The new pro system has a unique feature, a braking system. The brake itself is the white plastic "mystery piece" in the pro set box.

Here you see the brake. The pod itself can rattle and slide forward just a bit. The pod has 3 tabs, 2 in the back (you can see the set screw next to the bottom edge of the blue gear) and one tab in the front that's held in also with a small set screw. So you can also adjust the amount of travel in the pod, a few easy twist of a small allen wrench (which is included BTW!), and you can set the pod to rattle loosely or tighten it up.

So how this works is during acceleration the pod slides slightly forward. Then during braking the pod slides back and rubs on the gear! Lots of brakes huh? This this should stop on dime!

The bottom of the pod and chassis. The chassis is well molded and looks like there is plenty of clearance to allow the pod to rattle/move.

And above is the new motor pod that's gotten so much attention. It's NOT for a Mabuchi S-Can, it's for a long can, like the Boxer. Note the holes in the motor mount for screws to hold the motor in.

The body is pictured above. It's clear plastic painted white! It's very, very light (sorry didn't have a scale with me). It's all one piece, including the "interior".

Here's the whole kit. It comes with extra braids, extra brake, extra motor pod (again, for the boxer type motor), and it comes with a 12 or so page booklet of instructions on the care and feeding of this high performance LMP slot car. There are directions on assembly, maintenance, and DRIVING TECHNIQUE! Wow, they've got it all covered here.


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