Monday, December 03, 2007

Carrera Hot Rods - Willys Coupe

Carrera has captured the essence of the hotrod with their new 41 Willys. Unlike Carreras earlier hotrods this is less retro modern hot rod, more classic hot rod. This is a great example of an East Coast Gasser, a run what ya brung, kinda car. The car has a fine stance, front tires are neatly tucked up under the front fenders and the rear tires are wide and hang out ever so slightly to show the blower is there not just for looks, and to ensure you noticed there is a chute frenched in the rear deck lid…American Graffiti lives once more.
The rims are chromed five spoke style rims, the kind you would expect to find on a car like this, simple but effective.
The printed decals are very well done, clear and placed nicely on the body of the car. Overall, the finish is well done and the red really compliments the whole theme of this car nicely.
This car carries the drop-away motor pod, the same pod found in the earlier hot rod series. With one screw, you can drop the rear drive axel and motor away from the body and chassis.

The wiring inside, wow, you need a wiring diagram. This is a retrofit car, so it is pre wired for the 132 digital conversions, and the hole is pre-drilled in the chassis.

The verdict:

I love this car for the break from the norm Carrera is willing to do. It’s fast and holds the track in a fine fashion. Is this a competition car? No. It would be almost impossible to add weight to this car and would look funny if you changed its tire/rim package. For a fun runner home track car this is a great fit…

Well that’s my two cents,

Franklin Nichols
Die cast/Scenery Editor, Slot Car News

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