Saturday, April 21, 2007

Slot Car News Project 911 Porsche

The purpose of Project 911 is to try different performance parts combinations and modifications to obtain an iron-man race car. Tracks test will be done on my targa track, SF Grand prix, the Bay Bridge and ENYR. Pictured below is a Fly Racing 911 Porsche in stock configuration. Out of the box, the 911 did very well on my track, turning 12.430 lap times. The Fly Racing type D tires kept the car in the slot and moving forward through the trickier parts of the track. Although handling was very good, the car seemed to lack power and traction.
Project 911 will receive a Ninco NC-5 motor, Ortman tires, Slot Car Corner racing axle bushings and motor wires, axle, 28t crown gear, 9t pinion, plastic 17x8 rear wheels and wheel inserts.
This picture shows the motor pod assembly completed. The rear axle bushings were glued in place and the motor wires were soldered to the NC-5.

Slot Car News Project 911 Specifications:
Car - Fly Racing Rally Porsche 911
Motor/motor wires - Ninco NC-5/Slot Car Corner
Pinion/Crown - 9/28 (3.11)
Axle -
Axle bushings - Slot Car Corner race bushings
Wheels - 17x8 plastic press-on wheels
Rear tires - Ortmans
Weight - 83 grams

Fast lap - 93' red lane, 11.418 seconds

So far the first round of modifications to Project 911 have netted positive results and a super fun car to drive. Whenever I go out to turn some laps on the targa, the 911 is the first car I set on the track. Soon Project 911 will be heading East to the Bay Bridge, SF Grand Prix and ENYR for more tuning and more laps.


bluetoes591 said...

Using a soldering stand for painting, now that's a good idea!

Terry Noe said...

yes. That was used to paint both my 956, 962 and DaveK's 956. Clamp the alligator clips to the body posts and your ready to go.

alex said...

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...

Anonymous said...

Any more updates on this car? Very interested more info please