Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lime Rock-Porsche Club race-final entry

Ahhh, yes...Station 10 along the track, which is right next to the bridge. This has become a favorite shootin place of mine. You get a great view of the cars coming around a fast corner and down the hill towards you (seen below).

The vantage point gives you a nice low angle and if you've got a long enough lens you can get the cars coming around the corner and right along the edge of the track, right at you.

A wide shot of the officials station.

And this...1972 914-6 (I just looked in the program and found that bit of info), was the wildest car in the paddock. I didn't see it leave there though, sad to say.

A crazy 935-esque nose on this car.

This 997 driver was turning consistant laps one-after-another. He was within a second each time around for at least 5 laps. And he was really flying especially considering he HAD A PASSENGER WITH HIM!!!! He was the fastest car during the "DE" or driver education race.

This 944 was just screaming around the track, even the corner marshal's, who were all Porsche owners too, were impressed with the speed this guy was able to go. In his class he was waaayyyyy faster than everyone else.

I like the fact that the drivers wave to the corner workers after the races are over. They do this for the vintage races too. I don't remember seeing this during other types of racing I've covered.

Thanks to Lime Rock Park and the Connecticut Valley Porsche Club for allowing SCNews to attend today's races! 558 frames taken...80 or so posted in the gallery.
BTW, here's the link to the gallery on Slot Car Illustrated again...

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